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Artist Statement

An artist statement that begins with questions.
What if we become still in body and mind, expect nothing, and trust what appears?
What if conditioned patterns of thought and isolated identity were dismantled?
What if direct experience and open perception were the guides?
What is this?

As an artist and teacher, I am interested in the transformative possibilities that moment to moment attention allows. Forgetting who I think I am, merging with the moment lets the world open. This is the raw material of improvisation.  Moving, sounding and narrative are all components of this work.

Whether performing or teaching, my first step is to come into the current moment. Sensation – the language of the body – only lives in the present. There is no strategy. There is no goal. This opens the improvisation to a wider field of possibility, unknown before it is happening. Dreams and improvisation share this involuntary root.

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