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Holly Maiz has explored movement and dance since childhood. Her interest in the study of consciousness and body-mind drew her to become a zen practitioner in her early 20's. Her interest in zen practice, movement and creative process inform her work and life. 

As an undergrad in the UW-Madison Dance Department, she had the opportunity to study with A.A. Leath, a pioneer in the world of improvisation and performance art. She has taught and performed improvisational work since that time.


Holly graduated from Naropa University with an MA in Somatic Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy.  She then earned her LPC and worked as a Somatic Psychotherapist in Outpatient/Residential treatment centers and private practice.  During her studies at Naropa University, she was introduced to and practiced various forms of improvisation and somatic exploration to include Action Theater, Body Mind Centering and Body Mind Psychotherapy.


She has lived in the mountains of Colorado, the islands of Sanibel and New York (Long Island), and on a 60-foot sailing vessel. She currently resides in Santa Fe, NM.

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