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Discover your body's natural intelligence ... for optimal health, fitness, and well-being.

Body Mind Well-Being cultivates individual potential by:

  • increasing embodied awareness

  • experiencing the body's natural intelligence

  • enhancing body-mind integration

  • stimulating vitality

  • reducing stress


In my early career as a dancer, I was enthralled by creative enterprise, optimal health, and living a fully embodied life.  In fact,  throughout my life these elements have formed the foundation of all my endeavors.


I trained as a facilitator for an outdoor adventure course (Ropes Course) located at an adolescent, residential drug and alcohol treatment center.  This work combined movement, play, and the outdoors – all passions of mine.  Eventually I facilitated many diverse groups through the course, including therapeutic, civic, educational, and corporate groups.

The corporate work inspired me to explore methods to more fully integrate "life" and "work".  I moved on to work with an international experiential learning company at various Ropes Course locations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. 

With this experience, I developed a body/movement based "adventure" course that could travel anywhere, including directly into the workplace.  It used each participant's primary tool – their own body.

I continued my education with graduate studies at Naropa University to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Body-Mind Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Therapy.  I found that therapeutic work, optimal health, and personal/organizational development share a common goal – growth and aliveness.

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